17th International Specialized Exhibition of power-saving technologies, gas-supply, heating and air conditioning systems

“Moldenergy” – unique in the Republic of Moldova exhibition project, where the key themes are energetic, thermal and power-technical equipment, as well as power-saving technologies.

Coorganizer of the Exhibition – Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Moldova .

In conditions, when 98% out of power resources consumable by the Republic are imported, when acting generating capacities are able to produce not more than 32% of power energy out of real necessities of the country. Electrical-technical branch has been placed far from the dominate position in the economy of the Republic, but the exhibition greatly contributed to forming of power and electrical-technical market of the Republic of Moldova .

“Moldenergy” has become an accelerator, which stimulates the country’s energetic objects reequipping by the latest equipment and contributes to application of power-saving technologies in the branch.

The Specialized Exhibition means:

-         for foreign producers and distributors of electric equipment: optimal opportunity for market studying, as well as for business transacting on the matter of supplying of technique.

-        for Moldovan specialists: a perfect venue for meetings with foreign business partners,  establishing of new contracts, exchange of scientific-technical achievements in the field of power-saving.

As to the poll held 90% visitors were specialists of enterprises, dealing with servicing of power stations and nets, leading specialist of industrial enterprises, electrical installation works and project organizations.

“Moldenergy” is to be held simultaneously with “Moldconstruct”, the largest exhibition project in the field of construction in the Republic of Moldova .

We invite you to take part in the 17th International Specialized Exhibition “Moldenergy”, to be held on 20 -23 of March 2013 and would like to thank all those, who have been and still remain with us.