26th International specialized exhibition of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and stomatology


MD 6827 s. Suruceni, r-nul Ialoveni Republica Moldova

Gsm: +(373) 69 34 22 45 , +(373) 69 703 772


The medical devices INHALATOR and AEROFITOAPARAT

by VECTOR-VITA are patent protected and are intended for

the prophylaxis and treatment by inhalation of air, saturated

with vapors of ethereal oils and other liquid medicines.

At the same time, they are a reliable defender in the period

of different epidemics and very effective in prophylaxis and

treatment in the case of non-infectious diseases for teachers,

smokers, singers, and for those working in harmful conditions

- welders, miners, chemists, glass blowers, and other

professions. These devices can be used individually and in


The device AEROFITO can be installed in living rooms,

schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, bars, cafes,

banks, offices, hairdressers, industrial spaces, military barracks,

student dormitories and other crowded places. VECTOR-

VITA devices are a wonderful tool in the prophylaxis

and treatment of various conditions with a splendid therapeutic


Warranty term - 24 months.

Exploitation term - unlimited.