24th International specialized exhibition of equipment and technologies for the food processing industry

For 23 years already FOOD TECHNOLOGY is the only in the country show of modern technology for the food processing industry.

The exhibition presents in a concentrated form to-date information about the industry, the supply and demand for certain products and innovative technologies.

It is impressive demonstration of modern technologies and equipment for food processing, packing, transporting and storing, cold and freezer compressors, control, measuring and laboratory equipment. Local processing enterprises have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technologies, as well as to compare their equipment with the showcased one.

The exhibition is held with the official support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry of the Republic of Moldova .


  • contacts and contracts;
  • time and place for the development of mutually beneficial business relationships;
  • assistance in the formation of customer expectations;
  • source of not just proposals, but also of ideas that are permanently discussed at the workshops, as part of "round tables", presentations of companies and other events of exhibition programs;
  • platform for mutually beneficial dialogue between the industrial sector of food manufacturing and food industry technologies;
  • attracting potential partners;
  • encouraging the introduction of advanced technologies.